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Your Data, Your Rules. Take back control of your Personal data, protect your ,privacy and earn Rewards.

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How does Medront work?

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Join the revolution and take control of your Data.

Set up a Data Pipeline

Sync all the Apps that you use regularly. We are integrated with all the major Platforms.

Save your data in Data pod

Backup all of your data on your Personal Data Pod with secure access and share enabled.

Generate your Digital Profile

Run our AI Engine on your Pod to classify all raw Data and extract patterns.

Sign Up for Data Authorization

Customize your Data share settings. Ensure you are always in control

Login anywhere with your Data

Log in on any Data Platform with your Digital Profile. Enjoy unlimited freedom and privacy in your digital experience.

With Data Ownership, The Impossible Becomes Possible

Listen to your music on any Platform with a Universal Playlist

Never lose your contacts and messages

Switch across Social Media and keep all your Posts

Manage all your Finances at your Fingertips

Monitor your device privacy and Data Security

Unlock Exciting Deals and Earn Real Rewards

Grow your business as a Medront Partner

Unlock your User Journeys with the power of your User Data.

Get Verified Paying Users

Pitch your products on Medront’s Platform directly to Users with relevant paying history.

Unlock User Insights

Discover your users' preferences and behaviors instantly using Medront’s Data Auth framework.

Improve Your Retention

One click to get all the Data you need. Get rid of all Forms, permissions & Integrations.

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Block trackers and earn from your browsing

Enhance your web experience and sync all your Browsing Data to your Data Pod.

About Us

We want to start by thanking our Users. Users who have given us valuable feedback, who have patiently used our Product through multiple iterations, and Users who have given us the benefit of the doubt since inception. We can continue this journey only with your support and we are grateful for it.

We began this journey with the belief that every individual has an inviolable right to control their own data. After a lot of product iterations, user feedback, and market research our belief has only got stronger.

The current Data Economy is fundamentally broken with three major problems facing it. 1. A widening data capability gap (Storage and Machine Learning) between original data producers (Consumers) and data vendors (Companies). 2. Leaks, Hacks, and unregulated data transfers destroy the sanctity of any data ownership. 3. Unfair revenue distribution between the Consumers and Companies.

With Medront’s APP, we are addressing all three challenges. You can now manage your web browsing, music, finances, food choices, interests, and social media all from one App. You can sync your data from all platforms and securely store it on your Pod. You can also share data on a secure Data Authentication framework with the Brands that we have vetted in exchange for Offers and Rewards.

It’s a concrete step towards implementing the vision we had of Real Data Ownership when we started in 2022, but we still have a long way to go. With your help, we will get there.

In the words of Frost -
The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
It’s a good thing that Coders don’t sleep much.

Saurav Suman


Saurav is a CS Grad from IIT. He is a Tech Entrepreneur, a night owl. He has built Software and Data products at various Tech Companies.

Nitesh Singh


Nitesh is an Electrical Post-Grad from IIT. He is also an astronomer and a Data freak. He spends his weekends analyzing data ranging from weather patterns, flight delays, and the NBA.